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Its been a week since I got these curls.

I miss combing my hair.

I got tons of compliments. But I got one thats real nasty. Does curling your hair could mean no direction in life? ftw. that bitch must be insecure in some kind. its because i cant stab you in front, then Ill just stab you at the back. Meanest. No client for today sorry. Your gas and tolls are for nothing for today honey. Go again next day and bring some good stuff so ill be good.

High copper curls with red nails and check those winged eyeliners are hot. At times I feel like  stop asking how much and where did I got these! I got these from my plastic passport to debt slavery. Crazy!

My high curls went well with my dog. I can imagine myself walking Moochoo with this. haha. Like a villager of some sort. Which I think only the villager can do. Just try walking your dog to a place I got. Now you can watch your dog smell shits of other doggies around. And you too! 

Six months? No. These will last forever till I got new hair growth. The moment I got tired of it, easily get rid of it by just cutting it all off. But hey I’m loving these now. I always got anime look. Always. I truly adore korean hairstyle so I wish one day Id be them. But please. no kimchi jjigae, other jjigae, kimchi and whatever. And you know why.

OK. OK. So, combs are prohibited. Suffer from conditioner everyday! This is what these reap curls are all about. But hey, Pony’s are friendly. That’s the best thing about getting these.

Curls. Curls. Curls. Its because youre in, So Im on!

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